It's All Write 2.0

It's the same newsletter, with minor changes!

Dear writers,

Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood-on-lockdown newsletter.

I have to apologise for not sending out anything in May. I was seriously stuck on motivation and overwhelmed by the news around me. I found it difficult to even write in my journal.

I am in a slightly better space, now. The world is changing, the bad news doesn’t stop coming and things seem to only be getting worse. I can’t use that as an excuse not to write, anymore.

It’s All Write 2.0 (since we love adding numbers to things) has just a few changes. There will be a paid and a free version. The paid one will have more information/ contacts/ resources.

If you want the paid version of the newsletter, reply to this email saying aye/yes and I will send a payment link - NEFT transfer or Google Pay. Newsletters will go out twice a month, and you can do the payments monthly or quarterly. The price remains the same, Rs49 per newsletter.

Subscribers to the paid version will get their newsletters via a different site/ email. The free version will continue here on Substack.

I will be removing the earlier newsletter from Instamojo this week so this is your last chance to download them. A request: a lot of effort and time has gone into creating these newsletters and they are priced nominally. Kindly do not share them among your friends for free.

Link to paid newsletters.

I repeat, if you want the paid version of the newsletter, reply to this email saying aye/yes.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and stay at home.